24 February

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SACMI Maestro Taking ceramic firing into the future


Quality, zero defects, low consumption, low emissions, new digital set-ups. Result: maximum versatility and performance under any manufacturing conditions.

A guide to understanding the present and getting ready for the future. SACMI presents Maestro, the new kiln range that draws on decades of experience in ceramic firing technology.

Consistency and repeatability under all working conditions, lower consumption and maximum manufacturing versatility thanks to new digital set-ups; this is the Maestro series, packed with innovative technical solutions that guarantee quality and zero defects whatever the working conditions.

Latest-generation burners, accurate process control and temperature uniformity across every kiln zone ensure maximum performance under a wide range of load conditions and production mixes.

A 7% reduction in running costs and integration with heat recovery systems to supply energy to other departments/machines in the factory are just two of the advantages of Maestro; thanks to new digital set-ups, this all-new kiln features a modulated air-gas ‘ecosystem’ that automates kiln settings on the basis of the production recipe.

The journey continues with an illustration of technical and plant engineering solutions that reduce environmental impact by incorporating systems to filter and contain fumes generated by organic and inorganic compounds.

Natively interconnected to the SACMI HERE factory supervisor, the Maestro kiln provides precision control via real-time thermal balance info.

The meeting will end with a look to the future as seen by the SACMI Laboratory, where advanced research and prototyping work on new methane-hydrogen fuel mixes is being done.

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24 / 02 Time 09:00–10:00 CET & Time 15:00–16:00 CET

Quality, zero defects

  • Innovative technical solutions to guarantee quality, consistency and repeatability of the process under all working conditions.
  • New high-speed burners, advanced systems for process control and temperature uniformity.


  • Lower consumption thanks to the new patented JET PUMP block.
  • More efficient management of gaps in material flow
  • Harmful emissions reduced by up to 35%.

Versatile and digital

  • Modulated air-gas systems
  • Automatic kiln settings on the basis of production recipes.
  • Integration with the HERE SACMI factory supervisor.

Sustainability and the future

  • Integration with heat recovery systems.
  • Integration with systems for the filtration and containment of fumes generated by organic and inorganic compounds.
  • Advanced research and prototyping of new methane-hydrogen mixtures.

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